Wells Fargo offers 5 types of credit cards that customers can use for their daily expenses. Many of the Well Fargo credit cards come with good rewards for daily expenses such as gas and restaurant. It also has a secured credit card that offers one of the highest credit lines. The following are 5 top Wells Fargo credit cards.

1. Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card allows you to earn 1.5% cash back rewards on the net of your purchases in the first year. If you use your card to purchase apps through Android Pay and Apple Pay, you will be able to get a 1.8% cash back rewards. You can find out how many points and cash back you have earned through Cash Track. Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa charges zero annual fee.

2. Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

Wells Fargo Propel American Express card is a card that you can use to earn rewards points on expenses such as gas, and restaurants. The card allows you to earn 3x points for every dollar spent at the gas station nationwide. You earn 2x points if you let your card be charged at a restaurant in the USA. Other categories of purchases will earn you 1x point. The rewards that you earn are redeemable within a period of 5 years. The card features a 15 month low introductory APR period.

3. Wells Fargo Secured Visa Credit Card

Wells Fargo Secured Visa Credit Card is a secured credit card that requires a minimum deposit of $300. The card accepts a maximum deposit of up to $10,000. The security deposit that you place is equivalent to the credit limit of your card. They will review your account from time to time and upgrade your card to an unsecured card if you regularly repay your balance on time. If you get upgraded to an unsecured card, they will return the security deposit to you. Wells Fargo Secured Visa Credit Card is suitable for people with bad credit to rebuild their credit history.

4. Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Card

Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Card is a rewards credit card that can earn 5x points for every single dollar you spend in the first months of the account opening. You only earn the 5x rewards when you use the card to purchase gas, grocery and pharmacy. Other categories of purchases are qualified to earn 1x point. The points that you earn can be used for a variety of redemption including gift cards, car rental, hotel reservation and air ticket.

5. Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa features a 15 months low APR period. It offers zero liability protection for unauthorized transactions and overdraft protection. With the card, you will get SMS and email alerts that inform you about how much you have spent so that you can keep track of it. It features the Wells Fargo Credit Defense Platinum that give the card holder monthly benefits for 1 year in case of unemployment. You will receive a one time benefit if your car gets accident and you have to move to a new house. The loss of life benefits will credit the balance in your credit card into your account if the cardholder dies.