Sams Club has their own rewards credit card called Sam’s Club Master Card. The card is previously known as Sam’s Club Discover Card. Sam’s Club Master Card allows you to earn up to 5% cash back on gas on the first $6,000. The 5% cash back only applies only if you purchase the fuel on a petrol station in the USA and Puerto Rico. This means that you pump your fuel at Costco, you are not entitled to earn the 5% cash back.

Each year, you are entitled to earn up to $5,000 of cash back. You can earn 3% cash back with your card when you spend money on dining and travel. All other purchases spent on Sam’s Club credit card will earn you 1% cash back. Besides, you also get to earn $10 for every $500 that is spent on selected purchases. These earnings from this rewards is limited to $500 per year.

The rewards that you have earned will be paid out every February of each year. It will mail a check to your home address and you are to cash it at Sam’s Club branch. You must cash the check within 180 days otherwise it will be expired and you cannot redeem it anymore. Sam’s Club Master Card does have a signup bonus of $20 and you can redeem this bonus when you have spent at least $50 on the card.

They do not collect any annual fee from card holders but they do require you to maintain a Sam’s Club membership. There are several membership plans at Sam’s Club and the cheapest plan costs $45 per year. The card has features such as zero fraud, identity theft, extended warranty and online banking.

Sam’s Club Master Card has an integrated EMV chip to provide enhanced security. You can swipe the card at any store that accepts MasterCard worldwide. The card is suitable for use in traveling because it does not charge additional fees like foreign transaction fee.

Sam’s Club Master Card is suitable for people who frequently travel with their cars. If you make full use of the cash back rewards for gas and spend up to the maximum limit, you can expect to earn $300 from cash back in a year. The $300 cash back can be used to get at least 3,000 miles of free fuel.

The card is ideal for people who are living far away from the city where it becomes necessary for them to drive a long distance to do their daily chores every day. It is also suitable for people who regularly shop at Sam’s Club as well as those who spend a lot of money on dining and travel.