Which Credit Card Company Won the Most Consumer Awards Last Year

American Express gets the highest score in terms of customer satisfaction in 2017 according to J.D. Power annual study. Amex receives a score of 835 followed by Discover with a score of 827 and Capital One that scores 808 for overall customer satisfaction rankings.

They outpace the credit card industry with 33 points, according to the announcement of J.D. Power. The credit card company is well received because it always seek to improve their interaction with the customer and strengthen their relationships.

American Express has consistently received high quality reviews and praise from the cardholders. It is a proof that they are offering high quality products that give cardholder the best experience. They have been earning the position as the top ranking card with the best overall customer satisfaction for 9 years.

The last time they received the highest rating is from 2007 – 2013. In 2014, they shared the same high score with another credit card company. J.D. Power takes into account 6 categories when selecting a card with the best overall customer satisfaction including credit card terms, billing and payment.

American Express adds a few benefits in the Platinum card including $200 worth of Uber rides and up to 5x of membership rewards points. There is an additional 1 million US merchant accepting Amex card so you now have more places to shop with the card.

They have installed a smart voice response system in their customer support telephone line. The smart voice knows all the activities of the customers and can quickly transfer the customer to the right professional.

They recently launched a new mobile messaging feature that can quickly connect customers with a representative in the right department. Customers can also get answers from commonly asked questions by using the online chat.

There are representative available for chat at the online chat system for 24/7. You can access the chat feature by clicking on the help button in your Amex account. After you click the start live chat button, a representative will connect to you within a few seconds.

Amex announced their plans on opening new lounges in Philadelphia and Hong Kong. It is now easier to find a lounge for your trip by simply performing a search in the American Express Global Lounge Collection.

Besides, customers can now checkout fast in participating online retailers like Hulu, and Delta Air lines via the Amex Express Checkout. With the Amex Express checkout, customers can autofill the card details by just entering the login information to their Amex account.

They have also redesigned the member page so that members can now easily see the latest updates on how much points they have earned and point redemption in a single place. The member page also provide tips that teach you how to earn more points.

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