Most people will take over 1 year to pay off their credit card debt. For this reason, it is best to apply for a card that has at least 18 months balance transfer offer. The interest will only be charged to your balance after the 18 months intro promo comes to an end. The following are the top 4 balance transfer credit cards with 18 months zero percent intro offer.

1. Citi Double Cash
Citi Double Cash card features a zero percent APR intro that is valid for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months period, you will be charged with an APR in the range of 14.74% – 24.74%. The card also has a cash back program that let you earn double cash back where the first 1% is earned wehen you make the purchases and the other 1% is earned as you pay off your balance. Balance transfer will not earn any cash back. To get the 18 months balance transfer offer, you must complete the balance transfer within 4 months. There is a 3% or $5 minimum balance transfer fee. You don’t have to pay any annual fee.

2. Discover it 18 Months
Discover it 18 months is another card 18 months zero percentage intro offer that is applicable to balance transfer. Once you reach the end of the 18 months, you are charged with a regular APR in the range of 13.24% – 24.24%. The card also have a zero percentage intro offer for purchases that is valid for only 6 months. Using this card to make purchases on bonus categories will enable you to earn 5% cash back. Purchases not in the bonus categories will earn you 1% cash back. The card features no annual fee and free FICO score. There is no expiry to the cash rewards and you can redeem it at anytime.

3. HSBC Gold Mastercard
HSBC Gold Mastercard waives the APR interest in the first 18 months. Following the 18 months, you will be charged with a variable APR rate of 12.24% – 20.24%. It has zero penalty APR, zero foreign transaction fee, and zero annual fee. It also offer $0 liability for any purchases made by unauthorized person on the card. The balance transfer fee is 4% of the amount that you transfer. There is no reward program which serves as an encouragement for you to use another credit card for your everyday purchases. The card is only available those who have good or excellent credit.

4. Citi Simplicity
Citi Simplicity card comes with an 18 months zero percent intro for both purchases and balance transfer. You have to transfer all the credit card debt to the balance transfer card in 4 months in order for the 18 months zero percent intro offer will take effect. After the zero percent offer ends, the variable APR of 15.24% – 25.24% will apply.

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